On June the 2nd 2021, Game-X was launched with the intention to shock the gaming industry and gather gamers from all around the world by introducing a new and decentralized ecosystem for play-to-earn. We, the Game-X team, assembled a specialized, fully doxxed and transparent team proficient enough to accomplish that mission and gain the trust of the community.
Fast Forward to today, we are extremely proud of what we achieved and most importantly, we are mostly proud of having built one of the strongest and most loyal communities out there, which we are grateful for every single day.
One thing that most people do not know about is that Game-X was fair-launched using our own funds and we kept pushing our limits through sweat and tears to serve our community and to fulfill our promises for all 9k holders. Together, we were able to take Game-X from 5k up to 3m market cap with minimal funding possible, and today we are confident enough to state that we established a solid floor price at 500k market cap amidst the outrageous market crashes and all the crazy things happening all over the globe. One of Game-X’s honorable achievements was to overcome the Macroeconomies impact on the project’s revenues by diversifying the company's investments to cover the monthly expenses, for instance, mining farms, nodes validators.
A few months ago, our team started the development of a 3D play-to-earn racing game on the blockchain and is currently up for testing and running on windows and android, which has cost us around 125 BNB, from our funds, till this moment in time.
Today, we have designed a plan for a complete and state of the art ecosystem in order to integrate the play-to-earn function in the game with the most efficient and sustainable path possible for the long run, hence, we are aiming to introduce GRP (GameX Resource Point). Similarly, we have been reviewing this new ecosystem together with numerous advisors and partners, and not to our surprise, we received incredible feedback that this ecosystem is very scalable, benefits the growth of both GRP and Game-X tokens simultaneously and should lead us to position ourselves in the top tiers of the gaming metaverses in due course.
Last modified 1yr ago