MetaRace Testing Phase 1
Launching Staking portal
Launching The GameX Daily V1 (CRYPTO/Gaming Newspaper)
Expanding Community
Marketing Push
Strategic Partnership
Introducing GRP
Seed Phase GRP 🔲Presale Rounds (private-public-ICO)
Q2 🔲launching GRP 🔲new pools in the portal (GRP,GMX,BNB) 🔲MetaRace Ultimate Competition 🔲MetaRace Multiplayer Tournament 🔲top notch company audit (GRP,GMX) 🔲Launching MetaRace NFT’s (Cars) 🔲MetaRace main net 🔲Launching NFT wallet 🔲Multiple CEX listing
Q3 🔲MetaRace updates (New maps, New Cars, additional features) 🔲Extra Modes for MetaRace 🔲Virtual reality implementation for MetaRace 🔲Major CEX listing 🔲Crosschain to multiple blockchain Q4
🔲Full implementation of virtual reality and simulation on MetaRace 🔲Start building the next Game 🔲Dual token DEX (GMX,GRP) 🔲GameX wallet 🔲NewsVerse Concept the GameX daily